Background Rolls in 50 Colours Translum Vinyl Car Sizes

Tetenal by Savage seamless background paper rolls are hands-down the most cost-effective solution for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, videography, visual effects, and much more. It’s also a top choice for other applications, such as theatre productions, special-event decorations, display banners, posters, even video projection screens.

Tetenal by Savage Background Paper Rolls are available in three widths 1.35m, 2.72 and 3.56m.

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When taking passport and ID photos, the backdrop you use is very important. Whilst traditional wall mounted backdrops (also supplied by Tetenal) may work well in most circumstances, the do not offer the flexibility of movement and positioning that a Background Roll offers. A backdrop which does not offer the right amount of light or contrast may cause issues when the photo is submitted for approval.

Passport Grey Tetenal Savage background rolls are are wonderful adaptive solution for Photo ID and Passport photography. They provide enough contrast to work with customers within a range of skin tones and can be made darker or lighter by simply adjusting a few flash settings.


In most creative studios, you’ll be sure to find a photography area with either a backdrop in black white grey or even all three. Tetenal by Savage background rolls consist not only of the classic black and white colour, but also a range of grey tones that fall between this.

Whether the focus is a human subject or a product. Our backdrops in black, white, and grey give you a clean background that complies with industry standards, so you can focus less on the gear, and more on the work you’re creating.


You’ve seen the traditional studio portrait look a hundred times already, with a black, white or grey background. But incorporating colours that resemble skin tones, such as Beige or Cocoa from the Tetenal by Savage range can be an excellent method to add warmth and remove the clinical feel of a traditional portrait.

The Tetenal by Savage range includes a wide range of skin-tone colour background rolls, giving customers an ample variety to choose from when working with models of different complexions.


Sometimes a clean, bold look is essential to convey the right message and atmosphere during a photo or video shoot, whether you’re doing commercial photography, filming a YouTube video, or planning your own creative project. With a substantial range of bright, bold colours to give your background and subject that “pop”, the Tetenal by Savage range gives creators control over their background.These background rolls are seamless, disposable and easy to store and transport, making them an incredibly convenient option for those working in-studio, on the road, or at home.


Tetenal by Savage Tech Green background rolls are a ideal choice for Chroma Key compositing, visual effects and post-production. These background rolls are a fantastic choice for filming daytime scenes and video when you need to achieve a bright, well lit final shot, making green screen compositing simple, cost effective and efficient for creators, videographers and teams working in digital content.

Available in crease-free rolls for seamless Chroma Keying, we have 3 sizes available to customers, meaning that storage is made simple, and you can choose the size most relevant to the spaces you plan to work in.


As an alternative to our Tech Green background rolls, Studio Blue Tetenal by Savage background paper rolls are another fantastic option for Chroma Key compositing and visual effects when the traditional green clashes with your subject. Furthermore, the darker hue and lower reflective qualities allow you to control light spill more effectively, making them a great option for night-time scenes.Available in crease-free rolls for seamless Chroma Keying, we have 3 sizes available to customers, meaning that storage is made simple, and you can choose the size most relevant to the spaces you plan to work in.


If you’re not yet familiar with Translum Backgrounds then you’ve been missing a trick. These superb Background Rolls have been hiding in plain sight amongst our other Background products but you may have missed them.

Our Translum Backgrounds come in three different weights, Light, Medium and Heavy and add the soft glow of frosted glass to images. This versatile background/ backdrop is easily trimmed so it can be used as a prop setup, light table, or background. 

To see Translum in action, take a look at the accompanying video.



If you’re looking for something more robust for your Background then we recommend one of our Vinyl Background rolls. With care, Savage Vinyl Background Paper can last up to five years and often even longer!

Being waterproof, the vinyl counters the problems caused by babies or pets as all spills can be easily wiped up. It can also be used underneath other sets to avoid carpet damage if necessary.