Analogue Broadcast: Dealer Day Round Up!






Last Wednesday, we held our Analogue Dealer Day. We were joined by industry brand leaders as well as some big names in the Analogue community.

We organised the day to give our clients the opportunity to speak openly with the brands. The discussions concentrated on the future of analogue photography, with attention given to recent developments. The years of experience around the room really showed, and it was wonderful to see the different conversations unfold.

Kodak Alaris, Ilford Photo, Lomography and Fujifilm all presented, covering a wide variety of topics from manufacturing to product range. We were also lucky enough to be joined virtually by Tetenal 1847 and JOBO, both of whom gave great, insightful presentations.



The focus of the Kodak Alaris presentation was the availability of stock and production capability. We were told about how a lot of Kodak’s manufacturing power was shut down during the crash of film sales. Now the demand for film is higher than ever and the ability to produce film is much lower. The machines needed are extremely complex, and the physical space needed for the machinery is massive, so it’s not a quick fix to simply get more machines.

Covid has also had a big impact on film production, reducing output whilst demand was increasing. And, of course, Brexit is now creating challenges with regards to shipping.

When talking about the cost of film, the perceived value of film vs. the actual cost of film was discussed. Making film is a very complicated process that requires an extremely skilled workforce, particularly C-41 films. A great article by Ludwig Hagelstein was referenced (linked below) which assesses whether or not the cost of film has increased as much as we think it has.Overall, the feelings from Kodak Alaris were optimistic. Kodak are investing in ways to produce more film and the outlook for the future is definitely a positive one. This was a really informative talk, which created a lot of interesting discussion around the table and some great stories. One such story from one of the attendees was about finding a roll of slide film that his father had shot in the 1950s which, adjusted for inflation, cost £50 to buy plus £20 for processing.


The team at ILFORD put on a great presentation touching on the history of the brand and detailing their impressive product range. It was really cool to hear about the range from the people who know it best and I’ve come away from it wanting to try out a couple I haven’t shot before.

They were also kind enough to bring along their upcoming Pop-up Darkroom, which I’m sure everyone enjoyed investigating.


Both Tetenal 1847 and JOBO dialed in and did presentations virtually.

Tetenal 1847 went over their new PARVOFIN and SUPERFIX tabs. Various perks of the product were discussed, like the ability to process black and white film sporadically and the long shelf life of the tabs, making them the perfect product for a customer who isn’t processing film regularly. He also discussed the ease of shipping, making it a great option for dealers. The possibility of creating C-41 tabs was brought up and it was great to hear insights regarding the challenges in producing colour chemistry. C-41 tabs are definitely something that has been explored at Tetenal 1847, though they will wait and see how things go with black and white first. 

JOBO went through their entire range, from individual 1x 35mm processing tanks right up to large scale processing of sheet film. The automated processor systems were also demo-ed; it was particularly interesting to see these in action.


Lomography ‘took to the stage’ next and covered some of their history, as well as talking about key products from their range. Talking all things Lomography is always a fun conversation, as the brand centres itself on being fast, fun and carefree – after all, the 10th ‘Golden Rule’ of Lomography is don’t worry about the rules!

The return of the much loved LomoChrome Turquoise was announced whilst our Dealer Day was taking place, and we also got to learn more about the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back – an instant film back for 4×5 cameras, made to be used with Fujifilm Instax Wide film. All in all, a fun and colourful presentation!

We also invited Hamish Gill, who runs the massively popular community-blog, 35mmc. The blog is focussed on all things analogue, obviously. Head to his blog and have a read

The day was a great success! It was wonderful to be able to have so many, for all intents and purposes, competitors in one room talking openly with suppliers about the future of the industry. 

big thank you to our wonderful dealers who attended the event! We hope you enjoyed your time here at Tetenal.