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With the release of the 17-inch Epson SureColor P5000, Epson established itself as the gold standard in professional printing. Thanks to its advanced imaging technology, the SureColor SC-P5000 was a game-changer in the desktop photography, fine art, graphic design, and proofing industries, and is still a much-loved benchmark for printers.

The wide-format printer uses the sophisticated Epson PrecisionCore TFP printhead and UltraChome HDX 11-colour pigment ink set to produce exceptional results. It offers a wider colour gamut, higher-density blacks, and double the print durability of its predecessors.

Epson SC-P5000 was also more durable and reliable owing to its better dust and static management design. Read on to learn what sets Epson SureColor apart from the rest and how it compares with its predecessors.

SureColor P5000 Vs Epson Stylus 4900

The SureColor P5000 is introduced as the successor to the legendary Epson Stylus Pro 4900. The Epson Stylus Pro name became instantly recognizable and established Epson as a leader in the photographic market. Since then, Epson Inc. has unveiled the SureColor product line, which takes Epson’s photographic technology to the next level.

At last, Photographers and graphic designers  had access to the highest quality imaging technology with the introduction of the SureColor P5000, a 17-inch desktop model.

With its 200mL UltraChrome HDX 10-colour ink cartridges, the SureColor P5000 takes advantage of inks with newly developed core pigments—such as new Orange and Green inks and Black inks—to produce prints with a higher contrast ratio, greater gloss uniformity, and greater clarity and sharpness.

The SureColor P5000 boasts an updated design, with the ability to use a 10-channel PrecisionCore TFP printhead with features such as an ink-repellent surface coating, enhanced dust and static control to minimize nozzle clogging and maintenance needs, and printless nozzle assessments to save time, energy, and supplies. These design features were not available in Stylus 4900 or previous models.

Automatically rotating between the large front paper cassette and the roll media feeder, the SureColor P5000 provides a wide range of media handling options. The premium paper sheets range from 8″x10″ to 17″x22″, and the high-capacity cassette can contain up to 100 pages. The SureColor P5000 has a front feed straight route for thin media like poster board and other fine art sheets. With the ability to automatically switch between roll and cassette sheet feeding, many input sources can be used simultaneously.

Epson SureColor P5000 Highlights

Epson SureColor P5000 printer improved upon its forerunner, Stylus 4900, in several ways while maintaining the same precise printhead and set of UltraChrome inks. At the launch of the iconic Epson SC P5000, Larry Kaufman, a product manager at Epson, said, “The SureColor P5000 integrates all the SureColor printing technology into a 17-inch desktop model, offering photographers and graphic designers with the best imaging technology has to offer.”

Here are some of the most notable upgrades in the Epson SC P5000 that made it one of the best wide-format printers in the market when it was launched into a waiting market.

  • PrecisionCore Printhead

With a new ink-repellant surface coating, the PrecisionCore printhead has been updated to reduce nozzle clogging and maintenance needs. In addition, you can save ink and paper by not printing nozzle checks with this printer. The printhead, which has 360 nozzles per colour channel and can produce droplets as thin as 3.5 picoliters in size, is responsible for the printer’s impressive level of detail.

  • Ink Technology 

The P5000 is powered by 200 ml UltraChrome HDX ink cartridges, which feature new black inks that are 1.5 times denser than the inks used by Epson Stylus 4900. All P5000s, even the “Basic Edition,” use a 10-ink system with Light Light Black as part of the standard set.

The P5000 is also unique in that it can use two distinct ink combinations. The first is the superior option for photographers, as it utilizes Light Light Black ink to provide double the overall print durability and support the Epson Advanced Black and White mode.  

To achieve the industry-best 99% Pantone Plus Formula Guide solid-coated colour matching, the Commercial Edition has a second ink option that swaps out Light Light Black ink for Violet ink.

  • LCD Controls

Full-Color LCD Control Screen Setup, use, and maintenance of the printer are simplified by the printer’s 2.7-inch LCD panel.

  • Media Handling 

The P5000’s flexible media handling features include an automatic transition between the front paper cassette and the roll media feeder. Rolls of up to 100 feet in length can be easily printed thanks to the power-driven spindle in the roll media feeder.

As a bonus, it has a high-velocity rotary cutter that only needs one pass to cut through anything. Up to 100 sheets of quality paper can be stored in the front paper cassette.

Likewise, there is a front-feed straight channel for media up to 1.5 mm thick, making it suitable for fine art materials. Automatic media switching means users who often print from both the front cassette and the roll feed can save time by loading both at once.

  • Precision Dot Screening

The Epson Precision Dot Screening Algorithm ensures excellent dot size and colour consistency for stunning prints. It is designed to accurately control ink droplet size. You can try borderless printing at common widths up to 17 inches wide. An optional SpectroProofer UVS spectrophotometer and a 2.7-inch full-colour LCD control panel are also included.

Make the Right Choice with the Epson SureColor SC-P5000 at Tetenal

Epson SureColor P5000 is still one of the most successful endeavours by Epson. If you are looking for a wide-format printer that ensures extraordinary print quality, then purchasing the Epson SC P5000 from Tetenal could be the right choice for you, although we’re happy to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

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