Epson D1000 Portable Printer

The Complete Compact Duplex Printing Solution


The small footprint and enhanced connectivity of the SL-D1000(A) makes it easy to place anywhere, including hotel receptions. This offers recreational customers easy postcard production through the smartphone app as well as creating personalised welcome messages for business guests and corporate events.

Stationery stores

The duplex printing facility makes the SL-D1000(A) ideal for use in stationery retail stores, for use in card making and crafting. The ability to offer personalised, high-value products for short run onsite production provides enhanced services for customers and new potential revenue opportunities.

Cafés, bars, restaurants

Cafés, bars and restaurants in tourist locations can use the SL-D1000(A) to print personalised postcards for their customers while they enjoy their meal or a drink. It can also be used to print seasonal menus.

Event and photo box companies

The SL-D1000(A)’s transportable size and weight, improved initial print speed, combined with Wi-Fi functionality and app support, makes this printer a highly attractive option for use at weddings, festivals and events.

Print personalised, high-value products

With its duplex printing capability, the SL-D1000 is a game-changer for the onsite photo production market. It allows you to create personalised, highvalue products for short run onsite production, to generate more revenue in an increasingly popular area of the industry.

The SL-D1000 supports single sheet auto duplex next to 65-metre roll media. For auto-sheet duplex production, the SL-D1000A includes a duplex feeder, with an A4 cassette (up to 100 sheets).

Expand your product offering with duplex printing: from simple photo production to high-value applications such as personalised photo books, calendars and cards. This is an area of the market that is increasing in demand and popularity. With this production taking place onsite, retailers and copy shops retain control of the process and the revenue generated.

With added LAN and Wi-Fi support, a reduced footprint and noise level, these printers can be used on location and in store.


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