After the success of the M35 comes the next step up in Kodak's 35mm reusable camera range, the Kodak M38

The next camera in the Reto Kodak film camera lineup comes in 6 colours and features a fixed focus lens, manual wind/ rewind, and a switchable on/off flash, the Kodak M38 also has a built-in exposure counter and comes with a Kodak branded wrist strap and card with QR Code link to the instruction manual. This camera keeps many of the best features of the Kodak M35, including the 31mm f/10, single element lens and simplified controls that make the point and shoot experience just as entertaining. Furthermore, all the curvy characteristics that made the M35 popular in the first place have returned for this new model in a set of bold, high-contrast colourways.

However, there are a number of features which differentiate the M38 from its predecessor

Weighing 20 grams more than the M35, the M38 gives you increased stability. The increased weight gives you greater control over camera shake allowing you to confidently focus on your subject matter. Another key improvement is the M38 offers a 30% stronger flash than the M35, so whether you need some extra light to perfect your photo or you’re out enjoying the nightlife, this camera is a great option to take with you. Last but not least, the Kodak M38 features 8 sprockets within the film chamber to ensure a secure hold on your film when it’s in your camera – from the first frame to the last.See the full list of specifications below.

Kodak M38 Camera Specifications

Film Format: 135/ 35mm ISO 200/ 400*.
Optics Lens: 31mm, F=10, 1 Element.
Focusing: Focus Free, 1m ~ ∞.
Shutter Speed: 1/ 120s.
Film Transport: Manual wind and remind.
Power Source: 1 AAA – Alkaline Battery*.
Dimensions: 110 x 62 x 39mm (WxHxD).
Weight: 116.5 grams.

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