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ID Photos Pro 8?

ID Photos Pro 8 by PixelTech is a professional software designed for quick and automatic ID photo processing (e.g. Passports, Visas etc.) in compliance with ICAO and local regulations. 

With over 280 ID formats for more than 87 countries, this software gives operators access to a built-in database, which puts ID Photos Pro 8 at the top of its class. In addition, the software includes automatic cropping and alignment in order to meet local passport requirements. 


ID Photos Pro 8 takes full advantage of our proprietary algorithms to automatically detect all relevant facial biometrics, align and crop images to fit local passport requirements.

Furthermore, the software simplifies the photo ID and Passport application process by detecting potential issues such as mouth expression sunglasses, reflections and much more – all factors that can lead to a photo being rejected in the early stages.


ID Photos Pro 8 wizard leads the operator through 4 simple steps to perfect passport photos. For each formats, requirements are shown by giving tips as to how the photo should be taken (e.g. against what background, head view, facial expression). Thanks to this, anyone is able to make ID photo, even for the most countries.


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