You are currently viewing Colour proofing on P5000 with Spectro for a large print house in Birmingham

Colour proofing on P5000 with Spectro for a large print house in Birmingham

Why Did They Choose Tetenal?

The customer chose Tetenal because we were able to invite them to our Office to freely test the printer for themselves with their own images and evaluate the benefits the new printer would bring to their business.


The customer has had a few issues with customers rejecting jobs due to colour issues which causes delays and the reprints cost them money. I was able to demonstrate the accuracy of the P5000 and its 99% pantone range to accurately print out proofs that can be signed off by the customer and design team before they send the projects for mass production where it can again be checked against the proofs.

They were particularly impressed by the accuracy of some of the harder to hit corporate colours and during the demo was able to realise there was a few colours that had been printing incorrectly in the past.
When they add the P5000 with spectro into their workflow and run the colour management via their rip they can be confident that what they design is what they will get on the proof print.


The customer took the samples back to show all the different departments and we had a signed sales quote the same day as they were so happy with the results.


Companies that would benefit from using this going forward, anyone who requires accurate proofing before mass production can benefit from the accuracy of the P5000. The P5000 can also be used for printing high end Giclee prints on fine art papers, Prints on Canvas and every day poster printing.

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