It’s a little bit of Tuesday Positivity


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We know it seems to be tougher each day but we’re still here to try and put a little positivity into your daily digest and hopefully a smile on your face from time to time.

We have included links to the news stories as reported on official news platforms wherever possible so you can read them for yourself.

95yr old Grandmother is oldest Italian woman to survive

A 95-year-old grandmother became the oldest woman in Italy to recover from the coronavirus, according to a new report. Doctors and specialists treated her at the facility until she made a full recovery last week without “antiviral therapy,” according to the report.
View the story here

Also in Italy, infection rates slow for 2nd day running

Italian health officials have expressed cautious hope after the coronavirus death toll edged down from the previous day’s record and the rate of infections slowed.
View the story here

Wuhan lockdown lifted as normality slowly returns

As the UK continues to take drastic action to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, China, the country where the disease originated, is slowly returning to normal.

Authorities in Hubei, the province where the outbreak started, announced they are lifting tight travel restrictions from Wednesday – providing people have a clean bill of health.

View the story here
and away from scientific news here’s a few other heartwarming stories that might put a smile on your face….

A perfect couple. She loves to play piano, he loves to dance

This is self-isolating in style – Sally and Ken from Penzance are both in their 80s, both have dementia but she loves to play the piano – no sheet music! – and he loves to dance
Take a look at this amazing couple self isolating in style

Couple dance Cheek to Cheek as film is projected on wall

An Italian couple’s slow dance with a little help from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers has helped people smile during a dark time with the country under quarantine from the coronavirus.
see this heart warming video here and wait for the twirl at the end!

Robin Williams daughter finds old photos while in isolation

Zelda was doing some spring cleaning as the coronavirus meant she was advised to stay home like the rest of us. The 30-year-old stumbled upon the sweet photo booth pictures of her goofing around with her late father.

Why not dig through your drawers and see what old photos, films and slides you might find!

read the full story here
If you have any great stories from your local community then please share them with us so we can include them in future posts.

It’s difficult times so we all need to try and pull together and help each other.