Thursday’s Tetenal positive news stories


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You can't seem to escape stories about the current Corona pandemic we are in the midst of and whilst it appear that everythng we hear is bad news, we've gathered together some positive news stories that give is a glimmer of hope that there may be some light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. We have included links to the news stories as reported on official news platforms so you can read them for yourself.

Flu drug used in Japan shows promise in treating COVID-19

Live Science and The Guardian are reporting that a drug used in Japan to treat influenza seems to be effective at treating the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, according to news reports. The antiviral drug, called Favipiravir or Avigan, showed positive outcomes in clinical trials involving 340 individuals in Wuhan and Shenzhen, said Zhang Xinmin, of China's science and technology ministry,
View the story here

Testing for coronavirus will increase to 25,000 a day

The UK has one of the most sophisticated public health systems in the world and was one of the first countries outside China to have assured testing capability for the novel coronavirus. Over 50,000 tests for coronavirus have already been completed. It is anticipated that, with increased capacity to 25,000 daily, testing levels in the UK could soon exceed that in China.
View the story here

Dutch Researchers first to find Covid-19 Antibodies

A team of ten scientific researchers from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and Utrecht University say they are the first in the world to discover an antibody capable of fending off an infection by the Covid-19 variant of coronavirus. The discovery could lead to an antiviral medication, and the ability for people to test themselves at home for the presence of the virus.
View the story here

China reports no new domestic cases of coronavirus

For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak started, China has reported no new domestic transmissions of Covid-19, a major milestone in the country’s fight against the pandemic.
View the story here

and away from medical breakthroughs here's a few other stories that might put a smile on your face....

Interest rates cut to 0.1% in a bid to boost the economy

The Bank of England has cut interest rates again as it tries to support the UK economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. It is the second cut in interest rates in just over a week, bringing them down to 0.1% from 0.25%.  Interest rates are now at the lowest ever in the Bank's 325-year history.
read the full story here

The Tetenal lending library has opened for business!

As we may all be spending more time indoors over the coming weeks, our MD Mike Fawcett has decided to initiate the Tetenal Lending Library, bringing in some of his favourite books for the staff to borrow. It's a great initiative and something you could maybe look at for your business.  Send us pictures of your own ideas for helping your staff keep their minds and bodies active.

Self isolation in Italy cannot stop competitive sports people!

All sporting activities may have been postponed for the foreseeable future but these tennis enthusiasts in Italy wouldn't let the lockdown curtail their desire to get competitive whilst keeping their skills in tune.  Look out below!
Take a look at how this skillful and long rally ended

Batman pays local residents a visit!

Self isolating families in one residential area were surprised to see Batman appear bringing much needed supplies to the community.
take a look at what the Caped Crusader has been up to!
We hope you found some positivity in today's stories. We'll be back soon with more to try and raise your spirits a little.