The Future & Beyond

Throughout the pandemic, Leicester based distributor continued to service the needs of the UK photographic print industry and remained in constant communication with their customers through phone calls and a series of informative e-newsletters. We chat to Marketing Manager Craig Bird to see how the business has fared over the past 18 months and how they are looking to a positive future.

Hello Craig, it’s been a tough period for the UK photographic industry and retail in particular, how have Tetenal managed through the pandemic?

Hello! Yes I think it’s safe to say that these have been challenging times for everyone in the industry but we met the challenges head on and decided to remain open throughout the whole pandemic, albeit with reduced staff numbers, to ensure we could offer continuity of service to our customers who needed us.

We’re a company who have always prided ourselves on customer service and value and the enforced lockdown gave us the opportunity to look at the business, assess where we were and where we wanted to be in the future.

Have you implemented many changes to the business during this period?

Tetenal has always been a company that is forward-thinking and in MD Mike Fawcett and the rest of the Management Team we have people who are constantly looking at ways to improve the business.

It may be a cliche but any business really is only as good as the people who work in it and we’ve been able to take a step back to look at where we could implement new practices for the benefit of our team whilst also bringing in additional knowledge and fresh thinking with a number of key additions to the company.

It sounds like an exciting time for Tetenal.

To be honest, it is. In consultation with all of our staff, we’ve recently published a new Corporate Vision with the tagline of “Proud of our Past – Driven by our Future”.

We’ve set in place some Core Values and a shared vision for where we want to take the business whilst encouraging all of our team to continue to develop personally and professionally. It’s more important than ever in this day and age to be respectful and supportive employers and this in turn will hopefully help the business, and the individuals within it, to thrive.

You mentioned that you’ve added new members to the team at Tetenal, can you tell us a little more about that?

Yes indeed! Our long standing Account and Product Manager Mark Wilkins is now enjoying a well earned retirement but our new additions bring a wealth of photographic and print knowledge with them.

Analogue photography continues to be a growth area with film stock disappearing of our shelves as soon as it arrives, such is the demand. With that in mind we appointed Gemma as our new Analogue Product Manager to deal with all our key photographic dealers.

Beth joins us as our new Account Manager for the South, whilst Aren is responsible for producing content for use across all our marketing activities including the website which is continually being developed and improved.

Completing the new arrivals is Kevin who brings with him a wealth of experience, gained over many years in the photographic industry,


When Chris Roberts sister decided to clear out a few old drawers she was surprised to discover a reel of old cine film. Not really knowing what it was or what to do with it, she called her sister and explained what she’d found.

The pair of them racked their brains as to what it might be. Cine film seemed so old fashioned in this digital age that they couldn’t really come up with any logical thoughts as to what it was or who may have filmed it.

The mind has the ability to play tricks with the memory as the years pass by. Things that happened only a few years ago in your mind can stretch back over a decade. We’ve all been in a position where we’ve heard a song from your youth and then suddenly realise that the song you were singing along to is actually 30 years old!  Surely not, it came out when I was just………. oh yeah, of course, I’m that old too!

Meanwhile, back to the story.

Chris thought the best idea would be to contact a store specialising in photographic services and a quick search online brought her to the Kodak Express store in Ruislip.

A phone call to the store resulted in an enlightening conversation with store owner Anis Kapadia who explained all the options open to Chris and she agreed to send off the old cine film and expected to the process to take several months, mainly due to the age of the film which at this stage was still uncertain, but it certainly looked old.

The film was sent and Chris and her sister waited patiently.

The call came less than 3 weeks later. The film had been processed and transferred on to a DVD, ready for the secrets the old film had kept for decades to be revealed.

The two sisters arranged to get together and watch the DVD.  It was like the biggest Birthday and Christmas surprise rolled into one.  The sense was similar to opening the biggest gift under the tree when you were ten years old.

The TV was switched on and the DVD popped into the player as the sisters sat back to await the big reveal.  What came on the screen caused the sisters to gasp and hold each other as tears welled in their eyes.

In an instant they were transported back 55 years to Chris’s sisters wedding.  The next few minutes were filled with joy and wonder as they cast their eyes on faces they hadn’t seen for decades and sadly many of them who are no longer here.

The DVD has been watched and shared amongst family members many times over the weeks since it was received and will become part of the family history and passed down as an heirloom and a wonderful reminder of years gone by.


There are two elements and lessons to be learned from this story.

Do you have old reels of film or cine film hidden or “lost” at the back of a drawer?

Coming up to date, are you trusting your favourite photos to technology and happy to risk leaving them stored on phones, laptops and PC’s?  Or on old Cameras or Memory Cards at the back of cupboards?

We know how quickly technology moves on these days.  With every release of a new phone it seems that there are compatibility issues so getting your photos off old phones and tablets may not be as easy as you think.

Even images stored on the cloud may be lost with a forgotten password or even worse stolen and used by unscrupulous individuals.

What physical history of your family is there?  Are we creating a generation of children whose childhood is captured only in digital format? The best and safest way to protect and celebrate your family history is to print your favourite photos and display them in your home or give them as gifts to family and friends.

Your local Kodak Express is the best place to print your photos in variety of sizes or styles and to turn special moments into pieces which not only look fabulous in your home but also celebrate the special people and places in your life. You can find your nearest store by visiting

Don’t leave your memories languishing in the back of a drawer or living in digital form on a memory card.  If it means something, print it.

Chris and her sister did and they now have something they and their family will treasure forever.

International Women’s Day 2020!


To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, the Management team here at Tetenal presented all our female staff members with a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied with a small dedication card which encouraged them all to Be Empowered!

MD Mike Fawcett commented “we felt it was important on this day in particular to acknowledge the contributions made by all our female employees to the success of Tetenal in recent years and in particular, during this past 12 months as we look to celebrate our first year under the new Tetenal Management Team.  It’s often overlooked how difficult it can be to juggle their family lives whilst working in a vibrant fast-moving environment, so it was our chance to just recognise their hard work and commitment.”

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering happening in 1911 and being supported by over a million people.  Since that day, IWD has grown to encompass all women collectively and creates nor recognises any boundaries between them.

Tetenal is proud to have so many strong women amongst its team of dedicated staff.

Introduction to Dave Norris – Our specialist in the printing world

Hi, I’m Dave Norris and I am the Senior Technician and Wide Format print specialist here at Tetenal.

My role is to support the sales team with in depth knowledge of the large format printers we have available and advise on best solutions for customers.

Basically if something seems, impossible, or is a bit strange it will usually end up with me to make it work. I carry out demonstrations in our new wide format print room where customers can visit us and try all the products and medias for themselves.

I often then carry out the installation of the equipment into customer sites integrating everything into existing workflows and software and also carry out full training to make sure the customer is setup and ready to print confidently when I leave. I also head up the colour management service where I create bespoke profiles for customers, this service is free if the customer is using one of our great Spectrajet papers but we can accommodate anyone who would like to have a bespoke profile created and provide advice on how to best utilise the profile and gain the best results possible from their printer.

As well as my Sales duties I am also the Senior Engineer dealing with escalated break down and fix situations and supporting the rest of the technical team with information and training when needed.

How I came to work for Tetenal – The story & history.

I came to work for Tetenal at the beginning of 2013. I received a call from Rob Blanchard asking if I would be interested in joining Tetenal as they took on a brand new project with Epson inkjet printers. He was interested in speaking to me as I had been working on Fuji and Noritsu drylabs since they first came out. I jumped at the chance as I have a long history with Rob as he gave me my first steps into the industry when I was 18.

I was interviewed by Rob and Chris Dawson and have since spent the last 19 years working on photographic print equipment.

What makes Tetenal special to you and why customers benefit from using Tetenal?

Tetenal are special to me as they provide a complete solution for the printing market and we like to build business partnerships not just customers by being there every step of the way. Our experienced sales team recommend the right machine for eqch situation and invitecuatomers to come and test all the different options at our fully furnished demo rooms.

The in house technical team carry out the installations and training and are on hand for any future issues as we are all manufacturers trained to repair the equipment we sell. We stock a vast number of products and everything our customers could possibly need with friendly sales staff waiting to assist them and take their orders.

What services you can personally offer:

  • Workflow optimisation and software that could benefit productivity such as rips to reduce media waste and handle colour management.
  • Colour management services from monitor and printer profiling to best practises for using print settings, profiles, colour intents etc.
  • Training on printer use, maintenance and advanced features.
  • Custom installations and hardware upgrades.
  • Media recommendations for different types of jobs.


Some interesting facts about Dave:

What year did you join Tetenal?

What football/sporting team do you support?
Manchester United

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Greek Islands

Which three dinner guests would you invite to join you for the evening? (alive or dead).

  1. Ayrton Senna
  2. Alex Ferguson
  3. Freddie Mercury

You’re abandoned on a desert island and can have one each of these items to keep you company until you are rescued.

FILM – The Wolf of Wallstreet
ALBUM – Use Your Illusion 2 – Guns n Roses
BOOK – Scarecrow – Matthew Reilly
TV SHOW – Breaking Bad
OBJECT – Football

Tell us an interesting fact about you that not everyone would know.
I love cars and motor racing. Most of my free time is taken up with cars in some form.

ICC Colour Profiling Service

An introduction to the colour profiling service offered by Tetenal.

ICC profiles help you to get the correct colour reproduction when you input images from a scanner or camera and display them on a monitor or print them. They define the relationship between the digital counts your device receives or transmits and a standard colour space defined by the ICC and based on their defined measurement system.

Here, we have gathered access to ICC profiles for the papers we supply. Simply click on the relevant paper icon to access the profiles for that particular paper range.

ICC Profiles for our own SpectraJet brand of inkjet papers are hosted on this site. Profiles for our brand partners are hosted on their own sites and you will therefore be taken to relevant site to download them. These links should open in a new web page, if they do not, simply click the back button to return to the Tetenal website once you have downloaded your profiles.


The Great Tetenal Office Tour

Here in the UK we are based in Leicester, making us a central point for deliveries to our customers. Our business has been established in the UK for almost 25 years and in that time we have grown to become one of the most respected distributors to the photographic and print industries in the country.

We have a team filled with both experience and expertise, with Product Managers who are totally immersed in their own product groups enabling them to offer expert advice on the right mix of products for each particular business and who are always available to discuss the options with the business owners.


We have a dedictated Inkjet Showroom, featuring seven different Epson Inkjet Printers including the lightning quick P10000 and P20000, plus a selection of desktop printers and the Epson SC-S80600 Solvent Printer.

This room also features a variety of Inkjet Papers including the SpectraJet and Ilford brands. Our inkjet paper range encompasses everything from Photo to Fine Art to Dry Lab.


From the extensive range of large format printers mentioned above, to dry lab photo printing solutions, Tetenal have every need covered. This is enhanced with photo retail solutions including kiosks, scanning, gifting products and specialist equipment including T-shirt Printers and Photo ID systems.

Visitors have the opportunity to print their own pictures on a range of equipment, and on a selection of media including the recently re-branded SpectraJet range of papers. It’s a rare opportunity where you can take your time trying the hardware out for yourself to get a true feel of how it will fit into your business.


We are renowned for having the industry experience that customers find invaluable when requiring advice and assistance. The creation of a new ‘Inkjet Specialist’ role sees David Norris available to assist customers and visitors with his technical expertise on print, profiling and printing workflows.


Call us on 0116 289 5743 or use our Booking enquiry form below to arrange your visit and see how Tetenal can help you grow your business.